I can’t believe these little wire foxies are 7 weeks old! Last Tuesday, they got to go on a field trip for their first set of shots. They did great and they received a clean bill of health from the vet! All of the excitement wore them out and by the end of the appointment, they were all asleep. Sweet babies . . .


This is my “I believe in miracles!” picture! All 6 puppies on the stairs and they are all looking at me! What?!
The highlight of their day is definitely feeding time and then outside play. It’s so fun to watch them and also receive puppy love! 

This week, I will be doing puppy behavior testing, measurements, and video calls with Linda. By the end of the week, the puppies will be graded. At that point, our buyers will be able to pick their puppies in the pick order previously assigned. So, this next week is a big week!

Ruby Rose

LB (nice, natural “stacked” picture, showing off his show side which is the left side, muzzle, neck, tail, and stance)




Pinky Pie