We found a stud for our Suki! His name is Mickey. He comes from a long line of AKC champions and lives in Arizona. His owner plans on showing him this year but Covid has cancelled a lot of shows. Here is a link to check him out! We are super excited! Between him and Suki, they will produce beautiful wire foxie puppies!

Suki went into heat the end of October, so we are thinking the end of April or beginning of May will be her next heat. 🤞And then puppies in July!!!

Suki is such a great dog! We love her so much! And we think she is a beauty! It’s fun to see the difference in personality between the two. She is a lot more timid at first around people compared to Michi who wants to jump all over them and give all the hugs and kisses! She seems to be a better traveler than Michi. Michi pretty much stays super excited on an ENTIRE road trip and cannot mellow out. Suki does mellow which is nice for all of us because she doesn’t stink up the whole car with dog breath! 😄 She seems to be a less anxious dog than Michi as far as loud sounds go. Instead of hiding from the vacuum, she attacks it! 😆 SerIously, we have to put her away when I vacuum! 

She is also similar in many ways and is just a younger version of Michi–so loving to everyone in the family, always up to play at a moment’s notice, tons of energy, super smart, and curious about EVERYTHING! 

We learned the hard way that if Suki were to get a hold of a bag of chocolates, she would eat the entire bag . . . Yep, I got to take a trip to the after hours emergency vet last weekend. That was one expensive bag of Valentine’s chocolate! 😆 Luckily, we caught it early and after they induced vomiting and gave her a charcoal treatment, we took her home, gave her a much needed bath, and didn’t see any side effects. Here she is after the excitement and a much needed bath!

This is who is waiting at my door every morning! My youngest daughter normally gets up before me, let’s her out of her crate and takes her potty, and then Suki goes straight for my door and waits! She’s surprisingly so calm at first, but once she gets some loves and I head upstairs, she gets her morning crazy on! What a cutie pie! ❤

We’ve been dog sitting this past weekend, so Suki has gotten a ton of playtime! Suki will miss Koda when he has to go home.