I was a little nervous taking Suki on the plane, but she did great! The week before I would put her in her (little! airplane approved) crate next to me in the evening while I watched TV and with treats had her lay down and she would chill out with me for an hour or so. And, thankfully, she did the same thing on the flights. Through the airports, I was able to walk her.

The highlight of her trip was definitely all the walks she got to go on throughout the day. This time around she stayed with us at the hotel and we visited Mickey once a day for the 4 days we were there.

Mickey is a cutie! So much energy and zest for life! He did great in the AKC shows this last Spring and is really close in points to getting his Champion title!

We are super excited for puppies in a couple of months! The due dates will be August 20-23.