Crazy that this 6 puppy adventure is coming to an end soon. This week I will enjoy all the sweet moments that I have left with these cuties . . .

These little Foxies got their 2nd round of vaccinations on their 9 week birthday last Friday. I forgot to take a picture at the vet. It was a little cray-cray. They let them run around in the room and they proceeded to all pee and poo, plus chew on edges of cabinets and cords. Fun times! 😄 Here’s a picture of these little crazies once we got home.

We got lots of good video this week! So fun to watch them run all over the yard exploring, digging, playing with Suki and Michi, playing with toys and one another, and getting FILTHY! Suki and Michi will miss them big time once they are gone.
Just this morning, I watched Ruby with her favorite toy, digging a small hole, placing her toy in it that was barely covered, and walking proudly off. It was so adorable! Later in the day, I watched her dig a deeper hole and completely bury it. Quick learner!

I caught Sunny sunning! (new name Gemma). It reminded me of Grandma Michi. It’s one of Michi’s favorite things to do . . .
Is this not the happiest puppy picture ever?! He’s so happy, he’s prancing!
Archie (previously known as DB) (adorable, smart, and SO sweet)
Sweet Goldy! I will forever love that white tipped ear! I am so curious if that will still show when he’s all grown up! I hope so!
And possibly OUR Pinky Pie! We will make a final decision this week!