We got what we wanted from Janiel:  A healthy, intelligent and very energetic little terrier. Janiel was a pleasure to work with. She kept us informed from the time the puppies were born by sending pictures and video every few days. When we picked up our pup, she had shot records, food recommendations, medical advice and good wishes all ready for us. She was very professional and became a friend in the process.  –Bill and Elsa

We are so pleased with our experiences with Utah Wire Fox Terrier. Janiel’s attentiveness to caring for the puppies was incredible. She answered our many questions and gave us weekly video updates. She was so professional and helped us make a match with a puppy. Janiel even sent us home with resources, recommendations, and dog treats when we picked up our dog at 10 weeks old! We loved that our puppy was getting ample socialization with Suki, her pack mates, and with Janiel’s children during that time in her life. Janiel’s communication and transparency was wonderful throughout the whole process. Our little Ruby is such a joy and we felt so confident knowing that our pup was in the care of a living and healthy family before we took her home. We highly recommend working with Janiel at Utah Wire Fox Terrier. –Brianne

Jasper was the runt of the litter, but by far the biggest troublemaker. Each time I would visit, it was Jasper pulling on his siblings tails, stirring up trouble, and bolting off to somewhere else with great intention. I had to choose Jasper…his antics were hysterical and a perfect match for the main reason I decided to bring Wire Hair Fox Terrier #3 into the family…to hopefully usher in some youthful play into the lives of Winston and Nigel who back then were age 11 and 12. Still with me today, Winston turns 17 this September and Nigel just turned 16 a few days ago! My plan worked!

The key to every animals longevity is nutrition. All 3 of my boys have enjoyed premium quality canned and kibble options from only a handful of brands and always grain free. Winston, Nigel, and Jasper are crazy good eaters and love things that one wouldn’t associate dogs eating in a million years. Brussels Sprouts, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, tomatoes of all kinds, peas, squash, green peppers, asparagus, honestly they have eaten every vegetable I’ve put down for them.

The brands I rotate between are Merrick, Wellness, Eagle Pack, Castor Pollux, Canidae, and Natural Balance. Also, I’ve supplemented with fish oils as well. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that this is the reason Winston will turn 17 in a few months and is still trucking, albeit with a few aches, pains, and eyes, ears, not as keen as they were a few years ago. Quality of life still topping the scale.

Janiel and family, what a joy they were to work with! You won’t meet a more delightful, accommodating, helpful and outgoing family. They raise beautiful, happy, healthy puppies with great markings and colours. Couldn’t be more pleased with my Jasper.

– Robert

“Zoey is the most amazing little girl! She is very smart and loving. She is a great addition to our family. Thanks for doing such a great job with the puppies!”

“Lillie is doing great! She’s quite the character. She is fitting in really good. Thank you so much for our new little girl. We love her very much.” –Linda

“What a wonderful experience getting our little Winston from Janiel. This is what a breeder environment should be like. Janiel and her family love their dog and the breed, the dame is a family member, isn’t over bred and her puppies are brought into an environment that makes moving to their new forever home easier for them. We loved getting texts about how our puppy was growing and doing and seeing videos and pictures on line as well, we felt like we already knew Winston before he came home with us. Thank you for renewing my faith in breeders, you are exactly what the experience should be for both the pets and the new owners.” –Helen

“Rupert is a joy. He’s happy and healthy and loves people.  He went through a jumping period where he leaped onto every high surface he encountered (where I had to hide my laughing face because secretly I was impressed and tickled that he could jump onto the dining room table in a single bound). He’s very affectionate but also maintains a healthy independence. He brings lots of love to the lives of those around him.” —Jason 

“We got our WFT, Baxter, three years ago from Utah Wire Fox Terriers and I cannot say enough good things about our experience. Baxter was well socialized and incredibly easy to train. I got videos and pictures of him before we picked him up. We were happy the puppies were part of the family and socialized with children from birth.

Baxter is such a good dog, he hikes, skis, bikes and, of course, cuddles with us. He is mild mannered and in perfect health. If we get another dog, we will for sure go with Utah WFT.” –Ashley

“Prim is such a good dog. We have a 1.5 year old and she has been so great with him.” –Emily