SIX puppies showed up late Tuesday night! And so did Covid the day before . . . quite the happy and horrible combo. I mean, the puppies are healthy, beautiful, and perfect. Covid has been all of the opposite. We got through the worst of it (I hope) and, most importantly, puppies are all thriving!

I was totally surprised when the vet said they saw 4 on the X-ray: 1) because she was HUGE and 2) because that’s not what my untrained X-ray eyes saw, nor my husband and sister, nor the stud breeder in Arizona and her assistant.

After she delivered number 4, there was a lull, so I thought that was it. I started cleaning up and my daughter headed home. Next thing I know, I look down at Suki and see another puppy completely out! And, then, about 5 min later, she started pushing and there was another! It
was pretty exciting! Also, being right is the best! 😆

4 girls and 2 boys! I feel lucky to get to experience this most precious and short interval of time with these sweet, little creatures. ❤️

Ok, time for picture overload!

It’s fun to see the difference just one week makes! From Suki and pups right after delivery (check out her “happy they are all out of her” face lol) and look at those fun face markings! To the 5th day Suki and her thickening pups and their individual photos.