These cuties are 18 days old today. Last weekend, they opened their eyes. At 2 weeks, their ears open also. It is so fun to talk to these cuties and they gaze back and their ears perk up. This is when development speeds up fast. They are now waddling around, playing with each other, starting to pee and poo on their own, little growls and barks, chewing a little on toys and fingers, giving puppy kisses and showing affection. Still mostly sleeping and eating though.

Since the puppies have started peeing and pooping on their own, I have added the puppy pads on one side of the pool. They are doing pretty good, definitely far from 100% though! LOL

This is video taken today!

Mac is the only one left of this bunch. He is such a cutie! He is so sweet and playful. You can see it in the above video!