Puppies are two weeks old on Friday! It’s been quite the sleep deprived adventure! Still monitoring feedings and weights around the clock to make sure they are all getting plenty of milk, but they are doing great and all gaining about an ounce a day which is right where they should be.

As I mentioned last post, Suki seems to have the 4 high producing nipples and then the 2 that are just so-so. Of course, all the puppies want one of the 4, so rotating puppies at every feeding has been the challenge and getting them to latch on to the undesirable nipples is quite the job too! They eventually give in after squirming for a bit and accepting that it’s their turn.

Suki’s nursing positions! She also tries to nurse them sitting down, but with so many that doesn’t work so well lol

This first part of this video shows what I do 24/7 to get them to latch on to the top 2 nipples! So much fun! (There may be some sarcasm in that statement, especially at 3:00 a.m.!)
Pictures and videos of our cuties! These pictures were all taken at 7 days old. The videos were within this last week.

Yesterday, Rose (red ribbon) opened her eyes, within a day, all of them had their eyes open! Also, yesterday, Rose decided to start trying and succeeding to get out of the pool. She opened her eyes and is ready to explore her world! Quite the little adventurer!

Already time to move the puppies to the next enclosure! I section off the front part so that when Suki hops in she doesn’t accidentally jump onto a puppy. Also, when she wants to get some space from her babies (can’t we all relate?! ), she has a place to rest and still be able to watch them. I also will start separating a sleep and pee/poo area. As they get bigger, the sleep area gets smaller and the pee and poo area gets bigger and they naturally want to keep their sleep area clean. Keeping their sleep area clean helps encourage those natural instincts and helps with potty training and crate training if you decide to do that once the puppy is old enough.

They still mostly sleep and eat, but they are starting to do their little growls and barks and interact and play a bit with each other, Suki, and us. So.dang.cute!!!

These pictures were taken at 12 days old.

I’ve got a story about Suki’s the level of devotion Suki has for her pups! We set up a gate at the bottom of the stairs to keep Michi away from the puppies. (Once the puppies are a bit older and Suki’s not as possessive, we will let Michi interact with them and I’m sure she is going to love it!) Well, we did not move fast enough to let Suki back in to be with her pups and she decided to try to slide under the gate and got stuck! Poor thing! We had to loosen the gate and take it off the wall in order to get her out! I don’t think she’ll be doing that again! Dogs do the darnedest things!