We got to welcome these beauties into the world on Friday! 3 girls and 3 boys! How perfect is that?! All beautiful and healthy and mom is doing great!

It was a long day! I was up with Suki that morning around 7 and knew she was in the early stages of labor. Her labor seemed to stall for about an hour and a half mid morning and then picked up again. The first puppy entered the world at 1:15 and the last at 6!

I had 3 assistants this time! My youngest daughter helped me in the morning along with my middle daughter who charted notes from the couch (she is not fond of all the sights of the birthing process lol), and my 19 yr old daughter who was able to get home from work to help me with the last 3!

1st puppy born waving!

I love how Suki is wrapping her body around her puppies in this picture. ❤️ She’s been such an attentive, loving Mom! Just like her Mama Michi!

Nursing puppies day 1

We all are loving the cute little squeaks, suckling puppy sounds, watching the cute little twitches and dreams when they sleep, and how they army crawl around. We are all so in love!

;Enjoying these days and looking very forward to getting a good night sleep again in weeks to come as my bed is now a cot that is beside Suki and puppies to ensure they are warm enough, not accidentally getting squished, and getting plenty to eat.

Suki seems to have only 4 nipples that the puppies like, so it’s been a lot of work to make sure all the puppies are getting their bellies filled. I’m trying to get the puppies to latch on to the other 2 nipples to get them “up to par” and get the milk productivity up! I’m having some success . . . In the meantime, I’ve been doing multiple weigh in’s throughout the day to see who needs extra feedings and doing some supplemental puppy formula feeding.

This morning, I took Suki and pups to the vet to get dew claws and tails docked and to get a health exam from our vet. After a video chat with Mickey’s (Suki’s stud) owner the day before, she recommended that we just take the very tip off the 3 males’ tails. Everything went well and all got a clean bill of health from the vet!


Burgundy, pink, and yellow ribbon puppies are the girls. Of course, we can’t help ourselves and they have been named according to their colored ribbons; Rosy, Pinky and Sunny.

Dark blue, light blue, and gold ribbon puppies are the males; DB “Dark Blue,” Sky, and Goldy.

Gotta throw these pictures in ‘cuz they are so dang cute!!!

Sibling Love

This puppy is full and happy!
Puppies have hilarious sleep positions!
Puppies, Day 4. Notice they are starting to get chubby!

And, this picture occurred last night! I had all 6 puppies nursing at the same time! That was a big win!