Last week, the puppies got to go on a field trip to get their 6 week shots and deworming and a clean bill of health from the vet. These are such strange times we’re living in … We got to sit outside in the car while they took the puppies in for the appointment.

With this nicer weather, we try to get the puppies outside atleast once a day to run. They, of course, LOVE it! With springtime comes projects galore, so disregard the state of messiness in the backyard (yard clean up, deck demolish and rebuild, gardening . . .).

The puppies got to meet our bunnies! We got such a kick out of watching how they react to each other. 

And more videos of puppy play.

Nothing better than an afternoon nap with puppies . . .
Suki hanging out with Mom
Marley playing Queen of the Mountain
Basking in the sun as dogs do . . .