These cuties are growing up so fast! They have been so fun and such a joy! With it being just the two of them, they get so much love and really do love people and the attention. Today we posted a local ad on KSL. If your interested, check it out, and contact us soon! I’m sure they won’t last long. I took a few pictures for the ad I’ll post here.

Here are pictures of Flash. She has the white on her head and is a little bit smaller and has a shorter body. She seems to be a little less dominant of the two. Her hair seems to be softer than Millie’s and maybe a little straighter? It will be interesting to see their coats when their adults.

Here are pictures of Millie. We think she may have a more distinct wire fox terrier face and her hair is a bit more curly, but not as soft. So maybe she has more of Coby’s coat? It’s hard to tell. She is a smart one and has figured out how to get out of the gate.