These cuties are growing up so fast! We let them run around the kitchen now at least a few times a day usually when they are driving us crazy whining and barking for attention so loud and we want to tire them out so they’ll take a nap!


They are so much fun! Their puppy teeth are coming in nicely and soon we’ll have scratches and chew marks on our hands and arms, feet and ankles. As much as you try to direct them to their toys they still manage to get you especially when there are 5 pairs of sharp puppy teeth coming at you! As you see in the videos, they love to play and chew on anything they can find—each other, paper, they go crazy for long hair, shoes, socks, and of course, fingers and toes.

We’ve got them eating 3 times a day and drinking water. They still love to drink from Michi when ever they have an opportunity and she’s stll pretty patient with letting them. We still lock Michi up with the puppies at night.

Tomorrow they get their 6 week shots. After their shots, we’ll probably get them outside some in the fenced backyard. And in a week and a half they will be ready for their new homes!