I’ve been looking forward to this 4 week milestone because they had their first solids on Friday! So, all of their calories aren’t dependent on Suki anymore and I can sleep in my own bed again! Yay!!!

On Wednesday, I let them lap up puppy milk a couple of times a day from a shallow plate. And then soaked some puppy food in milk for their solid food on Friday. They loved it all!

This is what life looks like for a dog mother of 6!

These videos are at 3 1/2 weeks old.

And video at 4 weeks old.

They are just so dang adorable! And, as I said last week, this 3 to 4 week age is my favorite! They are doing all the cute puppy things and still so teeny, but without the puppy teeth and they’re still pretty quiet, although, definitely starting to get more vocal. Their teeth are just barely beginning to break through. Once their teeth are through, we start trying to always direct their play to their toys and not our flesh!

Here are 4 week pictures of the pups!

Burgundy (Rose or Ruby)

Dark Blue (DB)

Yellow (Sunny)

Gold (Goldy)

Pink (Pinky or Cindy) (Cindy after Cindy Crawford bc she has a little spot of color above her lip like a mole )

Light Blue (Sky or LB)