Once the puppies open their eyes and ears, they sure take off! I love this stage because they start doing all the puppy things (playing, barking, growling) and are SO tiny and still uncoordinated which makes it even more adorable! Suki has started to get playful with them too. It’s so darn cute!

I am still monitoring weights and feedings and rotating pups, but getting a little more sleep! Now that they are stronger and are consistently up in weight with less intervention, not feeling the need to be as vigilant. Soon, they will be ready for some solid food! Looking very forward to that day ‘cuz I will feel comfortable leaving them through the night and will get to sleep in my own bed again! Woot! Woot!

This picture of Suki and pups was taken at 2 weeks old.

Here are pictures of pups at 2 1/2 weeks.

Pinky (Cindy)






And sweet slumbering pups at 3 weeks old. Love how they cuddle up together!