The puppies are doing so great! They have more than doubled their size. They were born weighing almost 8 ounces and are now between 23 and 25 ounces. At 5 days old, they got their tails docked and dew claws done. They are busy just sleeping and eating. And yesterday, began to open their eyes! They are barely beginning to do a very wobbly shuffle walk instead of the army crawl.

Here are some pictures and video of the 1st week.

I love it when they sleep on their backs and check out their perfect little pink paws!
And the 2nd week.
This little guy’s new name from his new family is Grover. And a picture of Grover getting some love from Mom.
And this cute girl’s name is Marlie.
This is the one we’ve decided to keep! Her name is Suki. It means a liking for, fondness, or love for something. We are keeping with our tradition of Japanese names for our pets. Michi’s full name is Michiko. It’s so fun knowing she will be ours and pretty amazing that we get to have the experience of being there at the very beginning of her life.