These two are growing up so fast! Here they are at 9 weeks old.
They had a blast with a box I put in their enclosure. It was very entertaining for all involved!
They spend a lot of time outside. Especially now that we’ve fenced off our garden and bunnies. Initially, we had put up a 2 1/2 foot tall fence thinking they wouldn’t be able to hop over. Within a day, Grover had figured it out! He literally climbed it and was over. It didn’t take too much longer and Suki was over as well. Wire Foxies are extremely agile! We have now reinforced it with much taller fencing which has done the job.
Here’s video of them at 10 1/2 weeks old.
And video taken yesterday at exactly 11 weeks.
Pictures of these cuties at 11 weeks old taken yesterday.
They love to bring ALL their toys under the trampoline and chew on them.
Grover. We only have a few more days until he heads off to his forever home next week. We’re going to miss him! He is such a sweetie!