They are already 4 weeks old! Oh man, these weeks have been busy and fun and have flown by. Here is a video of our cuties!
They have grown from a mere 6 to 8 ounces to a hefty 29 to 37 range. They are running around, exploring, playing, growling, barking, chewing, even playing some with toys, and enjoying the good life. Yesterday I moved them from my bedroom out to the kitchen area as I have read they are ready to be around more activity and get used to the noise of the house which we have plenty of here! I started them on a diet of puppy formula mixed with baby rice cereal last week and today gave them their first kibble soaked in puppy formula and blended. They gobbled it up! And they still get plenty of time drinking from their Mom.

The next two videos feature each of the puppies showing off their markings and a little about their personalities.

If you are wondering if they are getting plenty of socialization, here are some pictures and a video to answer your question! LOL