It’s official! She has been named! She is our Kiyomi. She is such a bundle of energy and joy. I love, love this puppy stage. 
Suki and Michi are loving having a new playmate. Kiyomi and Suki play all the time! I tried to get good pictures of Suki and Kiyomi today, but they were too busy playing!

I am finally getting serious about learning how to hand strip. It is definitely a work in progress and a ton of work (more time consuming than anything!) The head is especially tricky. Now that I’ve hand stripped Suki and I pulled her post pregnancy lighter colors, her dark colors should come in nicely!

Michi got the shears and I did a terrible job on her head. Sorry Michi! Did I mention that I’m new at this grooming stuff?! 😄

Kiyomi just got a little bit of shaping with the stripping knife and to get her used to grooming.

A few post grooming pictures . . . (don’t judge . . . yet, anyways 😄)

Kiyomi just got her 12 week vaccinations. We are super careful and don’t take any of the dogs for walks or to parks until she’s fully vaccinated at 16 weeks. She has gotten to play with my sister’s dog, Koda, and her brother, Beardie. So.Much.FUN!
Cute little eyes watching me from my backyard basement window.