Yep, puppies are off to their new homes! At 8 weeks old, CC was first to go a couple of weeks ago on Friday, March 29.

The others left shortly after and we got to keep Mac until that Thursday, April 4.

We are confident they are each off to good, loving homes. That makes it so much easier to say good-bye.

It was so much fun giving Mac all of our attention those few days we got to keep 1 puppy! Here he is asleep at my feet while I do dishes. ❤

And a cute video of Leili playing with Mac.

We took off 4 wheeling the day after which I think helped Michi acclimate to puppies being gone.

I realized we had a back log of puppy video in that last week and a half before they left.

They are so much fun! We sure love these couples of months we get with these cuties.