Kiyomi had her first camping experience a couple of weekends ago. She seems like she will be a great traveler just like her Momma! The off road jeeping trails seemed to lull her to sleep ‘cuz she settled right down whenever we were driving. She had a blast exploring our entire campsite. Her favorite was the tent! 

She fussed for about 10 seconds when it was time to sleep and was quiet the rest of the night. I took her out for one potty break during the night.

Watch out for those fox tails (little dry, weedy burrs) in this desert climate! We had to pull them from her paws multiple times. A few years ago, our Michi got one in her paw that embedded and travelled to her ankle area and became infected. We had to get it surgically removed!

Recently, Kiyomi had another play date with her brother, Beardie. They get along great! I forgot to get pictures and video until the end when they were all played out.