It’s been 3 months since my last post! It’s hard to believe Suki is already 6 months old! She has been a great addition to our family. We love our Suki Monster! She is a bundle of energy and curiosity. You can see it in her eyes! Always up to play, explore, and get into trouble! 
Ok, here we go with a video of Suki at 3 months!

Love this picture of my little girl with my little pup . . .

And a video of Suki playing keep away with the squeaker she got out of a toy. Annoyingly, this keep away game continues to be one of her favorites with anything she thinks or knows she shouldn’t have LOL Time to teach her how to drop! Also, included in the video is Michi, Suki, and their friend, Koda.
A sad picture of our Michi post spaying surgery. 
But, it didn’t take her long before she was running around again back to her normal self and she is finally getting all her color back post pregnancy!
Michi always offers us some great entertainment chasing these balls around that she can’t sink her teeth into LOL and Suki had fun chasing her! These video clips got a little out of order on dates. The end of this video shows Suki at 5 1/2 months. Both of them had just been bathed and they were clean and happy!
Nighttime entertainment with our Suki
Suki is WAY more brave than Michi! We will definitely be working on this skill. Great way to get Suki exercised during the winter months. Now, to figure out how to get Michi to get on it . . .
And another example of Suki being more brave than Michi! We may have made her get in the first time. But the 2nd time was all her! Michi never willingly jumped into the pool!
Suki and her friend Tennessee
And, FINALLY, up to date. 
Here is Suki and Michi
Happy and both needing haircuts desperately! That’s what’s on the agenda for this weekend! 
We LOVE our Wire Foxies! They bring us lots of joy and yes, definitely, test our patience at times, as do all the little living things we love the most, but life would not be as full without them!