It is that time again! Hopefully, we will have cute wire fox terrier puppies running around soon!

OK, Michi and Coby make the cutest dog couple . . . (I apologize for the the poor quality of picture.) They really are beautiful wire foxies though. Coby has the most beautiful coat–soft, curly, and vibrant.

Michi is hilarious when we put on her hot pants. Initially, she does this sideway shuffle EVERY TIME until she gets adjusted. You can tell by the loud laughter how much amusement we get from this.

I’m just throwing in these next couple pictures and videos for the fun of it. We sure do enjoy our Michi and want to share this amazing breed with others. If your interested in learning more about the Wire Fox Terrier, I’ve added some good articles that I thought defines the breed well on the “About the Breed” page. Feel free to email us with any questions!