“Where did all my playmates go?!” wondered Pinky Pie. Yep, it’s just her left! She did some more whining than usual that evening and was up super early the morning after her siblings all left. She may have had a small case of FOMO. 😆

It didn’t last long though! I guess she decided that we weren’t so bad after all. She does get ALL the attention now, maybe she has to share just a little bit with Suki and Michi.

You may notice in the video I am calling Pinky Pie, Kiyomi. That will be her name on her papers as all of our Wire Foxies have Japanese names. Kiyomi means “natural beauty” which is perfect for her! BUT, she is also our Pinky Pie! So, right now she goes by Pinky Pie, Pinky, Kiyomi, Kiyomi Pie, and Ki Ki. Yeah, that pretty much just means she has no idea what her name is. 😄 We’ll just have to see what ends up sticking!

It’s always a mixed bag of emotions sending the pups off to their new homes. I’m so happy with the families they are ALL going to which helps make it a bit easier to say goodbye. They will be very loved and well cared for. 

(Goldy 10 wks)

(Ruby 10 wks)

(LB 10 wks)

(Sunny 10 wks)

(DB 10 wks)

I’ve had some fun communication from the new puppy homes. Here’s a couple of updates on how they’ve adjusted so far along with a few pictures I’ve received. We all LOVE getting the puppy updates!

From Beardie’s owner (aka Goldy):

“The only sign we are seeing of separation anxiety is when we put him in the enclosure to rest. He whines for about 30 seconds and then is over it. I’m sure he just expects to have playmates in there with him. Goes to the bathroom on pads at night and goes back to sleep. You have raised a very well adjusted puppy!”

From Ruby’s owner:

“Ruby did so good in her crate last night! We made it cozy with her scented toys and blanket to make it feel like a cave. We also have been giving her food in there so it’s a positive experience. She only whined once to be let out and go to the bathroom – the rest of the time she slept and self- entertained.”

“She did great in the crate again last night! And she’s been going in voluntarily when she’s tired for her naps during the day. No whines or whimpers yet – I think she’s adjusting really well!”

From Archie’s owner (aka DB):

“He is the loviest puppy. Last night I started sleeping on the couch by the crate and Archie came up and fell asleep on me. Then when he woke up, I tried moving him to his crate. He started crying so against my better judgment, I let him out and tried moving him to my bedroom with his bed. After 15 minutes I decided to put him in the crate again and went to bed. He started crying and I ignored him and he was asleep in 10 minutes.”

“He’s doing really well. Always wants to be close by whether it’s in the kitchen, upstairs, or on the couch. Potty training is hit and miss. He loves finding misplaced items on the floor or within his reach and goes for it (like my sandals which he is attacking now). He is the sweetest little puppy and loves his snuggles and and head rubs.”

From Charlie’s owner (aka LB):

“He is doing great. Loves the outdoors.”

“Charlie helping in the garden and then sleeping it off . . .”