In 2013, we decided the timing was right to add a dog to our family! We began our research for the ideal dog for us. We needed a hypo-allergenic dog because my son has asthma. I wanted a dog with lots of energy and spunk that would be ready to play with my 5 kids at a moment’s notice, a dog that was social and would love people, and a dog that looks good and is unique.

Wire Fox Terriers met all of the above for me! Michi has been a wonderful addition to our family. My son hasn’t had any asthma issues with her. She is always up to play with my kids. Michi is extremely social and loving and has SO much personality! I often find her with my kids in the bedrooms “hanging” out with them. And she is unique in Utah and adorable!

When I was a little girl, I remember my Mom taking me to see a dog birth her puppies. I thought it was so amazing! Ever since, I have dreamed of being able to have that experience with my own dog and being able to raise healthy, beautiful, well adjusted puppies!

My dream came true when Michi had her first litter of 5 puppies in 2016! I loved it! Since then, she has had 3 more litters. We decided to spay her after her last litter in February 2020. We kept Suki from that litter and she has been such a perfect addition! She is full of spunk and personality just like our Michi and yet definitely brings her own uniqueness to the table which has been so fun to discover!

From the beginning, our goal has been to breed healthy, well adjusted family pets that are a top quality representation of the breed. We were very lucky to find Michi’s stud Coby who is local and is a beautiful Wire Fox Terrier with amazing temperament and has resulted in gorgeous puppies! As we began a search for a quality stud for Suki, we realized we were going to have to look out of state.

We found Mickey who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona! He has a AKC champion pedigree and is working on his own champion title, but due to Covid that has been delayed. In April, we took Suki to meet up with Mickey and he is one of the most personable dogs I have ever met! He is truly amazing!