familyI grew up around animals and in the “pet industry.” While growing up, my parents raised us around dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, chickens, and bees. When my parents divorced, my mother eventually remarried a great guy that owned the oldest pet shop in Utah, a kid’s dream come true! During the years that followed, I spent lots of time working at the shop and learned about lots and lots of animals.

Contrary to a lot of media there are good responsible pet shops out there (and my sister and parents’ shops definitely qualify), and this is where most of our animal experience comes from. In the end, we owned one of the shops for several years before we sold the property and moved out of the pet industry.

This is our first experience with Wire Fox Terriers and we have loved it! Before we bought Michi, I did some research. We needed a hypo-allergenic dog because my son has asthma. I wanted a dog with lots of energy and spunk that would be ready to play with my 5 kids at a moment’s notice. I wanted a dog that was social and would love people. And I wanted a dog that looks good and is unique.

Wire Fox Terriers met all of the above for me! Michi has been a wonderful addition to our family. My son hasn’t had any asthma issues with her. She is always up to play with my kids. She is extremely social and loving. She has so much personality! I often find her with my kids in the bedrooms “hanging” out with them. And she is unique to Utah and is adorable!

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