It’s day 64! Her last 2 litters arrived on day 65, so we’ll see if that remains consistent. I am taking her temp a few times a day. She’s remained at around 99 the last 2 days. When her temp drops to 98, normally that means puppies will arrive in 2 – 12 hours! She is SO large with puppies!

We’ve submitted our “how many?” guesses. We’ve got three 6’s, a couple 7’s, and one 8. Whoever guesses correctly, gets to pick the celebration dessert! Culver’s custard is sounding really yummy right now!

We are all prepped and ready!

Hopefully she’ll want to deliver here. Last time around, the only place she wanted to deliver her puppies was with my daughter on her bed! Although my daughter was unsure initially, it ended up being a beautiful experience and a testament to my daughter’s and Michi’s special relationship.

Last weekend, Michi got to go on her pre puppy 4 wheeling trip! Before her life is significantly altered for a couple of months.