Puppies arrived Sunday evening. Michi and puppies are doing amazing! 3 girls and 2 boys! We are beyond happy to have them here happy and healthy.

The fun began Saturday night with a restless Michi who kept me up most of the night. Her temp had dropped to 98 at 3 a.m., so I knew she was in labor. She spent that day in the 1st stages of labor. Here are my girls comforting Michi. So sweet! 

At around 6:45, she went into the 2nd stage of labor which is the onset of strong, regular contractions, pushing, panting, and shaking becomes continual. She delivered the first puppy at 7:25 and the last puppy was delivered at 9:55. Surprisingly, they are all about the same size–7.4 – 7.8 ounces! My 17 yr old daughter is my awesome puppy delivery partner.

This is our setup for Michi and the puppies. We have them in a pool with a fence around it and attached a sheet to the top to create a tent and a feeling of more security. I have blankets in there and place a heating pad underneath for warmth. Michi instinctively is good about staying near the heat source and keeps the puppies warm since they aren’t able to regulate their body temp right now. As always, she never leaves their side except to run out and go potty or eat a few bites of food and drink water as fast as she can! She is such a good Momma!

And because I’m paranoid, I’m sleeping on a mattress in front of the pool! So, yeah, I’m going on 3 nights of very little sleep. Until the puppies are a little bigger and I know that they won’t get smushed or too cold, this will be my bed. As attentive as Michi is, I will err on the side of caution!

Time to introduce our little batch of Wire Foxies! My little girls (12 and 8) named these cuties today.

This is Big Mac. Mac for short. One of the boys. He’s a great eater as you can see by his large tummy!

This is the other boy. His name is Thor because of the lightning strike on his head.

This cutie is CC which stands for cookies and cream. I love her spots on her left side.

This beauty is Zoey. No real reason for the name other than my girls said she looks like a Zoey, right?

This one is Hazel and she has already been claimed. I love the tan already on her face! Of course, anywhere there’s black on the head, it will turn brown as they get older.

They are doing great and eating constantly and all of them have put on weight. Puppies are scheduled for a well puppy visit and Michi a postpartum checkup this Thursday and will get their tails docked and dewclaws snipped at that time.