Michi’s Stud

These two will make beautiful AKC Wire Fox Terrier puppies!

Meet Michi’s stud, Coby! Coby comes from great people who love the breed. He is AKC registered. He has champion lines and a great demeanor and temperament. The first thing I noticed about him was his amazing coat. That is one of the traits he was bred for. Very shiny and silky looking, more curly and softer than Michi’s, and still has the easy to maintain quality in a Wire Fox Terrier coat.

Both dogs have champion lines. They both fall within AKC standards for build and structure. Michi is 15 pounds and Coby is 18 pounds. So, they are both on the smaller side for the breed. So excited to meet their AKC Wire Fox Terrier puppies!



Coby’s Puppy Days

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